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194 definitions by Phil

Being True.
A measure of how true someone/something is.
Also used to describe someone/something.
Sometimes used to intimidate posers when totally shit-faced.
"Chris is such a trueness."
"Look at the trueness radiating off him!"
"My friend's band is so true, they don't even play their instruments"
"My trueness just got a huge boost, i got all the darkthrone re-releases!"
"Alex just bought another football jersey he is so untrue!!"
by phil April 16, 2005
19 27
trojan horse

A devious sexual act whereby the male pokes a small hole in the tip of the condom before intercourse <<<<<<
Women who believe their boyfriends are cheating on them do that... so if they are... they get the bitch pregnant
See that you add my other definition... Thank you
by Phil December 07, 2004
21 29
area between cock/cunt and butt
Joe P was feeling discomfort in his A.B.C.A.B. because he forgot to wipe properly after his last deuce.
by phil December 20, 2007
1 10
see spic

a person from spain or portugal
jose: que pasa holmes! check out that euro spic ese Hernando!

juan: si homie. ay holmes, go back to europe, eh? eh pass me the weedo el smokero jose.
by Phil May 05, 2005
11 20
The beginner mullet. Not as noticable as a mullet, but getting there. Back has not gotten to shoulders yet.
When my Dad rides his motorcycle, his mulletino is really obvious.
by Phil March 13, 2005
4 13
a fighting game exclusivly for the xbox. it has realistic graphics, which justifies a purchase from shallow fanboy fuckedass otakus. mostly hailed as a "great game" because there are half naked women in it. when you win, the emotionless characters stare, and I use that word loosly, at the screen as if they are looking at cue-cards.
Jon: holy shit! I just kept pressing the x button and beat the game on extremely hard!

Tim: but the graphics are realistic. doa is teh best game ev3r!!1111one
by Phil January 12, 2005
17 26
The most awesome power hitter in baseball today.
Sammy Sosa is the bomb.
by phil January 24, 2004
35 44