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n. Actually an acronym, it stands for "Crabs, Herpes, Aids, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis" and is the mother of all sexually transmitted diseases. Contraction essentially equals total genitalia necrosis. Common carriers include crack Ho's, aspiring metrosexuals, niggra'z, and poo pipe perpetrator's. The New England Journal of Medicine states that any and all pharmacological research for cures is pointless. Uber suffering of rectal cheese wire face and the Vader Helmetwith this disease is inevitable.
I dumped my fiancé at the alter, when I noticed she had some sort of cottage cheezy, smegma-dripping stanky chunky puddle of regurgitated afterbirth running out of her vagina, which turned out to be CHAGS. She spontaneously combusted from it 10 minutes later.
by Phenolic December 02, 2003
Exactly the same... but different.
"Yo, Darnell got a coat 'ZACTLY LIKE that mufuka, only he gots urange and teal fur and have mo' polka dots 'n shit. It really be unimolous to it tho.
by Phenolic November 19, 2003
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