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A man so special that you're willing to tolerate him for the rest of your life.
"I can't believe he remembered that! That's my future husband right there!"
by PheEternal September 17, 2009
A bad ass female that supports the Oakland Raiders and is a proud member of the RAIDER NATION. She can be identified by one or all of the following characteristics:

(a) Silver and black clothing
(b) A Commitment to Excellence
(c) High alcohol tolerance
(d) Hatred of the Denver Broncos
(e) Hatred of the Kansas City Chiefs
(f) Hatred of the San Diego Chargers
(g) Vast knowledge of the NFL rule book
(h) Motorcycle license and/or speeding tickets
(i) The ability to cheer louder than you
(j) The ability to curse you the f*%k out
(k) Die hard optimism and loyalty
(l) Pride and Poise that generally intimidates other females
1. "Yo, you heard about the guy that was wearing a 49er's jersey by the Black Hole? He got his ass beat by a Raiderette!"

2. Raiderettes: We ain't yo momma's cheerleaders.
by PheEternal September 15, 2009

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