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A phrase commonly used by students at WHS to describe oneself when perspiring alot.

The word "Broman" is the nickname given to David Hurst, an overweight student at WHS who is well known for the large amount of sweat that constantly drips from his body.

Ergo, I'm sweating like a Broman means to sweat as much as David Hurst.

Essentially this phrase is a hyperbole because ofcourse nobody could really sweat as much as Broman does.
Person 1: I'm sweating like a Broman.

Person 2: I know, it's like 40 degrees.
by Phazon February 28, 2005
The most beautiful creature that has ever graced the planet Earth.
Person 1: That chick is hot!

Person 2: True, but she'll never amount to Jessica Alba.
by Phazon June 13, 2005
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