2 definitions by Phantom with pants

A term Used to describe an act or way of Life. One of the greatest if not most fantastic forms of insults. It can be used in any context with any form of people. You may be rasist but at least your not a steamboat Gpysy.
Damn your mother is a crazy Steamboat Gpysy. I can't belive she slapped you in the face.
Fucking Steamboat Gypsy
by Phantom with pants October 06, 2011
When the males genitals are covered in cocaine

and slaps the female in the face

causing cocaine to splatter on her face

making her feel worthless.
Jim: Olivia what happened to your face.

Olivia: My boyfriend just crack dick Slaped me in the face

Jim: Yep I can see that

Olivia: Fuck you jim
by Phantom with pants August 19, 2011

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