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2 definitions by Pham_is_Gear

Not so much it's own move as a continuation or modification upon other sexual positions. . . Used mostly in conjunction with the Hardy Kicker,The Huebner Twist is the act of pulling out while in mid stream and completing mictration upon his partner's back. An expert in the art of kegal will often complete the Huebner twist with a twirling motion of the penis.
You think a Gurley Swirly is bad I hit my girl with a Huebner Twist last night!
by Pham_is_Gear June 10, 2006
9 4
While enjoying anal intercourse, the male will urinate into the lower colon.
I made that girls ovaries float with my Hardy Kicker last night.
by Pham_is_Gear June 10, 2006
9 7