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Something that is lame and unimaginative, and, more importantly, has been done many times before.
Examples of a cliche are movies like Van Helsing and Open Range.
by Phaedrus Raen November 26, 2005
Miners who have been trapped in cave-ins and pound on the rocks for rescue. It is believed that the ghosts of these miners go on knocking in the mine shafts long after the victims have died.

This definition was the basis for Stephen King's bestselling book The Tommyknockers, only in his story it was aliens that had been trapped underground instead of miners. Not a bad book.
We went out to the old mine at midnight and heard the tommyknockers tapping from far below.
by Phaedrus Raen June 26, 2006
A small rural town located near the coast of southern California in Ventura County, at latitude 34.26 and longitude -119.00.

The town consists of little more than a few blocks of city street, but it does have its own post office and fire station, as well as several small grocery stores. Somis also has an elementary-through-middle school with a baseball field and a bus system.

The surrounding land is given over to endless orchards of oranges, lemons, avocados, and melons. In summer, days are sunny and hot while nights are clear and cool. The 118 freeway is one of the few major roads that cmoes anywhere near the town, although Somis did make statewide news when a train derailed in the vincinity.
Somis is such a small, out-of-the-way town that there are people in the neighboring city of Camarillo who have never even heard of it.
by Phaedrus Raen June 26, 2006
An individual who is perversely attracted to hideously ugly people, to the point of obsession.
Oh man, that guy over there is eyeballing my sister... he must be a trollophile.
by Phaedrus Raen November 26, 2005
An insanely delicious pie made of apples, peaches, cherries, raisins, and other tart fruits. It is the best pie ever made, with the exception perhaps of pumpkin pie. Typically served with egg-nog at Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.
"Oh man, I just ate five slices of mincemeat pie."
"Yeah, well, go eat more, son."
by Phaedrus Raen November 26, 2005
One of the many large drainage ditches that crisscross the small rural town of Somis, California. Some of these narrow canyons are nearly sixty feet deep and are home to coyotes, rats, snakes, and stinging nettle. During heavy rains, the edges of these ravines are subject to mudslides which can sometimes result in the loss of farmland.
"Barranca" is the Spanish word for "ravine."
by Phaedrus Raen June 26, 2006

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