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Pulling an Ortiz is the act of skipping either a break or lunch in favor of getting more work done. This phrase is only used if you are sure not to request overtime or any compensation for this extra work time, you do it out of the kindness of your heart, or rather the sense of accomplishment you get out of having done more for the company and customers.

The ultimate "Pulling an Ortiz" is when you come in to work on your day off just to check on your coworkers.
Let's just head out to lunch, Brian is going to be pulling an Ortiz.
by Pfizer September 26, 2005
These are work slacks or pants that differ in tone from the commonly accepted color at the workplace, which is usually khaki. In most cases, these slacks are a different tone, but not a completely different color. In a workplace where khaki is the color of choice, many of those above entry-level will wear different tones of khaki ranging from yellow-brown to dark brown.

In a workplace with a strict dress code, there needs to be a way to differentiate the lowly employees from those slightly higher on the management food chain. A different shade of pants is used to broadcast one's higher position within the company.
"Maybe we can ask him for help?"
"No, don't ask him!"
"Why not?"
"Don't you see? He's wearing coordinator pants."
by Pfizer January 11, 2006
One who has impotent rage.
Man, that guy's just like Pfizer
by Pfizer June 05, 2003

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