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To come home smelling like you have consumed large quantities of alcohol. Usually used in conjunction with the term "tie one on."
Pinheads!!! You goin out? Gonna tie one on? Come home smelling like 3 nights in Pitcairn.
by Petey Pablo January 31, 2005
One's mother is one's "raise." The background is the streets where often a mother was the only parent of a youth. She was indeed that child's "raise."
"I'm going to pick up my raise." (I'm going to pick up my mother)
by Petey Pablo January 28, 2005
The fatest joint rooled possible with one paper
a hogs leg
by petey pablo October 16, 2003
A girl with beautiful blue eyes and a nice round booty and nice breasts. she also posesses a very intellectual mind and has many talents.
I met this girl who was a complete heather murph, she could sing and her blue-eyes and baggn body made me wanna cry.
by petey pablo August 21, 2004
the coolest guy i know in the whole world
he likes old style, only when its warm
by Petey Pablo September 08, 2004
when a person of the male gender approches his climax and then does not climax either because a parent walks in or his partner is playing a cruel joke
dude 1: did you have fun with sally last night?
dude 2: fuck no, the bitch blue-balled me when her parents came home
dude 1: dude that sucks
dude 2: no man, she doesnt suck
by petey pablo May 14, 2003
while ur fucking a girl in the ass, you jizz on her back while u pull her her pubes and then stick her pubes on her back
If you dont like the hair silver back gorilla the bitch.
by petey pablo May 06, 2005

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