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5 definitions by PeterPo

Zipdill (noun). Having no dick or balls. Spineless.
Dude: Hey Fred, wanna hit a strip joint tonight?

Fred: No, my wife says I gotta help with the kids.

Dude: Jeez, what a zipdill.
by PeterPo June 03, 2009
4 1
Similar to Jet Lag, Sports Lag is that fatigue you feel after staying up late to watch the game on tv.
Joe: Dude,why are you so sleepy, it's 10am and you have a meeting.

Dude: Ah man, I got Sports Lag from watching Monday Night Football.
by PeterPo October 22, 2009
1 0
An annoying word soon to come into use in this overly bleeding heart tree hugging society meaning energy from green sources.
Like, dude, I won't drive cars anymore until King Obama creates Greenergy.
by PeterPo June 03, 2009
2 1
An IT Term for a RACK Mounted "MONitor KEYboard and mouse" system. Also a term for a sys-admin or rack building tech.
Bossman: Hey Dexter, how you going to control all the servers in that rack.

Dexter: We'll use a Rack MonKey. A-duh.
by PeterPo July 08, 2009
3 3
Technological near-sightedness resulting in unintended consequences of epic proportions.
Scientist: Hey, I just invented a mind reading device, now wives can know what their husbands are really thinking and there won't need to be anymore divorces.

Scientist's Wife: Oh my God, you pig! I want a divorce!

Divorce Lawyer: Now that's what I call a bad case of technomyopia.
by PeterPo June 03, 2009
4 4