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Someone who gets to spend all day at home, can get up at anytime, and pretty much has fun all day. Also homeschoolers my seem innocent but watch your back, they often turn out to be way cooler than you think. For some reason all homeschoolers seem to be HOT too.
School kid: What time did you get up?
home schooled kid: I think it was about ten. what about you?
School kid: 5:30
Homeschooler: HAHA sucker!
School Kid: what did you learn today?
Homeschooler: I pretty much just surfed the Internet, then I went to the mall, whatever, I read the back of a cereal box and my mom said that was good for school work, see I get fridays and mondays off....what bout you, what did you learn?
School kid: I had a test in science.....did you really surf the Internet all day............?
by Peter yaro March 02, 2008

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