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In the work place: Experts still can’t agree whether it’s an incurable disease or a dangerous parasite and sub-species of the common “Dog-Fucker”.

Easy to spot. Like the common dog-fucker, hands are always in their pockets and they are seldom found working. They differ in that they display a unique ability to produce an unmistakable nasal like tone that can only be produced by the common dog-fucker when it’s nostrils are pinched. If left unchecked is known to spread to the common dog-fuckers.

They seek out host-victims and drain the energy from anybody who will listen to them. They thrive on creating chaos and will poision the workplace. Experts all agree that a “whiner” cannot be cured and must be exterminated. Companies that have specialized in ridding households of banker infestations are now expanding into the lucrative commercial field of dog-fucker and whiner extermination.

Interim Protection from parasitical drain: A whiner is defenseless against the “sucker-punch” because their hands will be in their pockets. When they are still seeing stars, respond with “Fuck-Off and go do some work!” and nothing more. The parasite will seek out other hosts.
What a pathetic whiner.

by Peter Perdue February 04, 2008
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