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1) A native human or creature from the land of eggs.

2) A tramp or rat who emmits a foul, egglike odour at every possible opportunity.

3) The type of cardboard used to house young puppies.
1) The eggamo set out from his eggloo to gather fried eggs for breakfast.

2) Ughhhhh...I do believe you are sitting near an eggamo Parkinson...

3) Jonlef ein eggamo oth el excela
by Peter Nelson February 07, 2004
1) The house of an eggamo.

2) The room used by eggs as waste disposal.
1) ...And the eggamo lived happily ever after in his new eggloo

2) "Dont go in there...Thats the eggloo.."
by Peter Nelson February 07, 2004
1) Brew - Substitute for any verb
2) It - Substitute for any noun
3) Up - substitute for any verb
"I am going to brew it up!"
by Peter Nelson February 07, 2004
An island off the coast of Africa made entirely from eggs. Its native enhabitants (the eggamos) have lived there for many centuries.
"Land ahoy! ..... Wait a minute, i do belive that island is made of eggs!"
by Peter Nelson February 07, 2004
The feeling of fear and tension when in an awkward situation and you are dying to deliver an arse candle. Can also be the pain felt after eating something while trying desperately to hold in an arse candle.
While at school, with only a rat-ridden toilet at his disposal, John feels the thunder...
by Peter Nelson February 07, 2004
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