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2 definitions by Peter Nathan

Worshiping place/mothership for Islam Ver 1.2 - Sikhs

Sikhs often use these as baits by hiding their terrorist gurus (guru bhindranwale bin laden)and then tempting your goverment to attack. After the attack, they will kill you prime minister (ref: Indira Gandhi) and ask for a seperate nation to be made of the ghetto in which they live.

Originally, gurudwaras used to come with a fuse, but not they are available with remote-detonation capability.

Very similar to mosques in architecture, but are white and have 300% more RDX.
Girl: Why is that gurudwara lying on the road?
Guy: Stay clear and inform the police, they want your govt to trip on it and declare civil war

Girl: Where do you come from, you sexy uber-muslim ultra-jehadi?
Guy: From da bronx that is rightfully Khalistan, bitch, and so iz yo house, we've lived in america long enough.

Girl: Who was to blame for 9/11
Guy: Sikhs, bitch, we did it with Canada-bound Kanisha flight 15 yrs before 9/11. Remember?
by Peter Nathan September 24, 2007
Lit: 'Pure Land' ('khalis' = arabic for pure + 'stan' = land). Identical in meaning to Pakistan ('Pak' = Persian for pure + stan = land).

Khalistan = Land of pure terrorism. In 2015, this would apply to UK, Canada and parts of US. Why? Because everyone here is too busy worrying about muslims while Sikhs sneak in to their country.

Ever wondered why normal Indians come to these countries as doctors/lawyers/engineers, while Sikhs come as cab drivers/farmers/menial labourers? Foot soldiers have never been well-educated.

Basically an attempt of the next Islamic virus, Sikhism to divide India into a moderate/peacful/spiritual Hindu country, and a warmonger/terrorist/hellhole Sikh (Islam v2) country
Why are there so many Sikh taxi drivers and labourers in North America and Europe?

They need militia -- the Sikh terrorist race has been known to enter circles of trust and then wreak bloddy, merciless war.

Really? Gimme an Example

The Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi had 2 Sikh bodyguards, who pumped her with 16 bullets when she was leaving for charitable work.

But are they really that smart? I heard they are outcastes in India because they are so stupid?

Kiddo, everyone was really scared when Osama blew up WTC, but did you know that Sikhs in Canada blew up a Canadian-bound plane, killing 326 people back in 1985?? That's right, they are not called Islam v2 for no reason. They will inflitrate your country, then your religion, and THEN YOUR HOME. Khalistan is where a Sikh (islam v2 walks).
by Peter Nathan December 10, 2007