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A woman from Cape Cod who is admired for her looks, wit, charm and geographical knowledge.

Often misspellt Cape Codess.
Roxanna was a Cape Coddess
by Peter N Carr September 28, 2006
Full English Breakfast

English cuisine at its best. Must include kippers, smoked haddock, bacon, sausage, fried egg, fried tomatoes, mushroom, black pudding, toast, orange marmelade and copious amounts of breakfast tea. Not to be confused with Breakfast of Champignons
A f.e.b. sets you up for the day
by Peter N Carr October 01, 2006
1) Any dangerous person causing mayhem in Cyberia. Unfortunately not an endangered species

2) any person other than Tom Jones claiming to be Tom Jones in a chat room
1) Peter conned the UD editors into adding Cyberian tiger

2) TomJones: hi girls, im a real tiger
MaryJane: fuk off TomJones you Cyberian tiger you
by Peter N Carr July 16, 2006
A very cold place where cyber criminals should be sent for a long time
I sent him to Cyberia
by Peter N Carr July 16, 2006
Noun. A healthier version of Breakfast of Champions.
Being a vegetarian he couldn't handle a f.e.b. and opted instead for a Breakfast of Champignons
by Peter N Carr October 01, 2006
A very cold and lonely place in cyberspace where cyber criminals, terrorists,cheats and rapists should be sent
Fuck off to cyberia dickhead
by Peter N Carr July 16, 2006
1) a1 with caps-lock on
2) a feeble but successful(?) attempt to beat A "A" to the front of the Urban Dictionary
1) IM A! THX
2) Click on A and look in the top-left corner
by Peter N Carr October 02, 2006

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