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A wound, cut or bruise you find on your body after a big night of boozing at a bar or club. You usually have no idea of how it got there and probably don't remember much else because you were wicked hammah'd!
Hey dude, what happend to your head?

No, idea. It's a bar scar.
by Peter McBride October 09, 2007
Money used in the effort to get layed or attract women or gold diggers.
Me: I'm bring 50 bucks to the bar tonight.

You: Dude, you'll need more groin coin if you plan on pulling!
by Peter McBride October 06, 2007
1-Gash,(pussy or women), 2-Golf, 3-Gunnle(beer), and 4-Groin Coin (money) are the 4 things every man needs. They all begin with the letter "G". There are 4 of them, hence the 4 G's of life.
That Donald Trump epitomizes the Four G's of life
by Peter McBride October 06, 2007
The act of a male positioning himself in a location to ensure maximum visibility and likelyhood of attracting inviting glances from females of the same species with the ultimate goal of having sexy time, or words to that effect.
Me: Wow this bar is choc-a-bloc with punanny tonight!

Dennis: You said it bro. I'm gonna do a Man Stand next to that gaggle of blondes. LOL
by Peter McBride October 06, 2007
Females of the human race.
Beth: I went to an all girl's Catholic school.

Me: Wow! How many puntang?

Beth: Almost 600, including me.
by Peter McBride October 06, 2007
To pass gas or "fart" while your lover is giving you a blow job. A form of foreplay especially popular in Seoul.
Dave: Why is Candace pissed at you?

Dude: I gave her a Korean Hot Tub. Made her gag in several different ways!

Dave: LOL. U da Gentleman!

Peanut Gallery: LOL LOL
by Peter Mcbride December 12, 2007
A whore house, outside of korea, where the hookers are korean girls.
Me: Hey dude, I'm taking you to the Korean BBQ.

Dude: No thanks, I just ate.

Me: LOL, its a brothel dumb ass! The girls are korean princesses!

Dude: Bring it on! LOL
by Peter McBride October 07, 2007
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