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courage, in reference to testicles
He didn't even flinch when that guy shot at him, he's got nuts man.
by Peter "MILF" Cameron April 11, 2008
mildly intoxicated, see squiffy
It was apparent that Don was no longer merely squiffed when his mistook the anus of his good John for that of his girlfriend.
by Peter "MILF" Cameron March 08, 2008
expression used to mean "I'm back" in instant messaging, usually said after "brb," once the person returns

possible origin: conjunction of expression "k back" into one word

Jenny: Do you want to have sex?

Johnny: brb

Jenny: Okay

*10 minutes later*

Johnny: bakk

Jenny: Cool, do you wanna have sex?
by Peter "MILF" Cameron March 08, 2008
bigger than a noob or even a n00b. This is an extreme noob. Usually spelled with no "e" so as not to be mistaken for doober which is a pothead or a blunt.
HEY DOOBR! Yeah I'm talking to YOU, doob! Use your manna potion, doobr.
by Peter "MILF" Cameron May 10, 2008
Fucking Rolling On The Fucking Floor Fucking Laughing My Fucking Ass Off

online speak
John: It's so hard hard and smooth
Gary: That's what she said!
by Peter "MILF" Cameron March 08, 2008
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