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Opposite sex of women. Most men think they are better than women, and most women think they are better than men. When you really think about it, women are better than men. Men can be smart, caring, understanding, creative individuals, but the fact that the only thing most of them care about is fucking some hot ass blonde chick with tits the size of watermelons up the ass and jacking off to slutty porn stars and their 14 year old, sexually developing female neighbors (lmao), takes it all away and makes us (women) the better sex. Advice to men: If you really want us women to respect you then stop: getting boners from looking at sluts walking down the street in thongs up to their armpits, raping your 12 year old daughters just because they're growing visable breasts and you wonder what it would be like to squeeze the hell out of them and/or how tight they're pussies are, cheating on your wives just because they've gained 5 pounds, claiming to be more intelligent than women while making yourselves look fucking stupid by urging your wife to get breast implants to increase their breast size to a 44 triple GGGGGG when breast implants could cause serious health problems, saying things like, "fat chicks suck" or "i hate chicks with no tits", when most men fail to realize that the male body is ANYTHING but beautiful if they do not work out on a daily basis and take viagra, thinking with their penises, thinking that a woman that weighs 88 pounds is "thick"...the list goes on and on. The truth is that the only reason men were put on this planet is to reproduce, make more humans, and piss us women off. And I'm not a Christian. Whoever wrote the bible was a sexist pig (not saying that I'm not) that thought women weren't as good as men (YES they did! If you have ever actually read the bible then you know), however, most women stillll want to follow this religion and don't even know how much they are embarrassing themselves. Well I'm getting off topic here so bottom line: women are better than men so suck my female genetalia. Oh yeah, gay men are waaaaaaaayy better. Damn this definition is long so I'll just shut up now.
Typical man: Hey! You have huge tits, a nice ass, you're shorter than me, and you weigh 88 pounds! Let me shove my huge cock in your pussy and bang your brains out, even though I already have a wife at home who would sleep with me!!!
Slutty Girl: Sure I will let you do that because I have no brain and I want to make myself feel better about how slutty and uneducated I am by fucking any and every man that comes my way!
Respectable Girl: No *walks away*
The man then violently rapes both girls because he is one of those men that think women "shouldn't have a choice".
Men are the scum of the Earth.
by Pete Wentz March 25, 2007
A really great Japanese singer. She sings Japanese pop aka: J-pop. She was born in New York and moved to Japan. She has a beautiful voice and a great voice range. A few songs of her's are, "Passion", "Sanctuary", and "Simple and Clean". If you haven't heard her yet then you should...go listen to her or something.
Utada Hikaru sang the song "Simple and Clean" for the game Kingdom Hearts.
by Pete Wentz March 24, 2007
She's the shit.
fobr boardie.
she's super nice.
pinkyring0: haizzz. im in tfrr. sup dawg?
person: hmm...not much.
pinkyring0: uh, kayz. bye.
by pete wentz November 19, 2006
a dumb little boy wigger that i HATE HATE HAAATTEE!! i wish he was dead and buried!!! I HATE HIM!!! RROOOOAAARRR!!!!...!
there is no fucking example! wig
by Pete Wentz April 12, 2007
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