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69 definitions by Pete Dick

a fart, or series of farts prior to dropping a Griffey.
Pete Dick: "I love my Griffey Junior!"
Jen: "What are you rambling about now?"
Pete Dick: "You can't smell that?"
Jen, rolling window down in zero degree weather: "I can now ass hole!"
by Pete Dick February 28, 2008
6 6
Leaving a workout facility or a practice without showering. Very common, however, not looked upon in a favorable light. In spite of this, many players seem to wear their propensity to "take pills" after practice as a badge of honor.
Pete Dick: "That was a tough, long, hot run; I'd better suds my bag."
Uncle Freddie: "I'm gonna take a shower pill."
Pete Dick: "That's why you never get laid."
by Pete Dick August 15, 2008
10 12
a workout technique where one is alternating their feet as fast as they can, like football players do; especially used by sadistic coaches.
Coach: "The team looks like a bunch of faggots."
Assistant Coach: "Yeah, Pete Dick has been taking them out jacking for beats too much lately."
Coach: "Lets make these hungover fuckers pay."
Assistant Coach (as team enters gym): "Hey faggots, foot fire, FOOT FIRE!!!"
by Pete Dick March 21, 2008
2 4
any activity that you don't want to do or that a friend is doing that you think is stupid or a waste of time.
TP: "Why are you talking to that hot bartender all the time, lets go play pinball."
Pete Dick: "Fuck you, pinball is gay games."
The Cooker: "yeah, fuck you TP, gay games, let get drunk instead."
by Pete Dick March 15, 2008
16 18
two gentleman enjoying the hospitality of an open-minded woman. It is often necessary for the female party to adopt the "on all fours" stance in order that each of the gentleman may take position at opposing ends.
Pete Dick: "What did you do last night?"
TP: "Had a spit-roast with Colette and some random dude from the bar."
Pete Dick: "Nice"
by Pete Dick March 05, 2008
45 57
to consume large quantities of alcohol with your friends in a short period of time in order to catch up with their drunkedness.
Shit LeRoy, you just got here, we have been drinking all day, hurry up and Irish Yourself!
by Pete Dick December 29, 2007
55 109