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A amazing rock group from Denver, Colorado.
Much better than a lot of crappy groups from Colorado like 3oh!3.
With their members
Jonny 5
Brer Rabbit
Mackenzie Roberts
Andy Guerrero
Jesse Walker
Kenny Ortiz

They are an amazing group with fantastic music.
"Dude...did you hear that new flobots track?"
"Yeah man! That shit was off the hook!"
by Pesp February 21, 2010
A party full of fat/disgusting people
Guy 1: Dude, how was that party last night?
Guy 2: Oh man you were lucky you didn't go. It was a complete plarty.
Guy 1: Ah... I'm sorry.
Guy 2: It's okay, I got to eat some cake off some fat chicks ass.
Guy 1: Isn't that from Family Guy?
Guy 2: Way to ruin it.
by Pesp July 19, 2010

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