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The vomit a woman expels while orally copulating a man's penis. Normally an accidental occurrence, love chunks are commonly brought about by a deep insertion of the penis into the throat. Excessive depths can initiate the body's gag reflex, pushing whatever contents in the stomach up the esophagus, to the mouth for immediate ejection.
Nicholas pressed his penis too deep into Dee Dee's throat, causing her to spew love chunks onto his groin.
by PerverseWriter October 26, 2004
An act during oral intercourse where a woman uses her tongue to wrap strands of saliva* around the man's penis.

*see liquid whiskers
Susan gave Westley such a messy blowjob, she was able to do the barber pole on him twice.
by PerverseWriter October 27, 2004
An occurrence during oral intercourse where long, viscous lines of saliva span from the genitals of the receiver to areas on, in, and around the mouth of the performer. Essential for women to perform barber poles* on their male partners.

*see barber pole
After rimming Susan for ten minutes, Westley pulled back as liquid whiskers extended from his lips and chin to her anus.
by PerverseWriter October 27, 2004
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