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A secondary AIM or AOL screen name set up intentionally to talk to people in your life who you'd prefer not seeing your normal comical or revealing away messages and/or buddy info profiles.
i.e; A screen name set up to talk to Mom, Dad, Grandma, Professor Thomas, or anyone else in your life that you dont want to know your having a jerk-circle friday night.


christian_smilez: hey tim
Timber4limber: who this?
christian_smilez: ashley
Timber4limber: oh...
Timber4limber: wheres the pics of last night?
Timber4limber: dogz said they were in your proflie
christian_smilez: they are but this is my Calvert screenname i had to talk to gram
Timber4limber: oh
by Personal_preference September 14, 2005
n. The feeling of anxiety a young female experiences moments before she is about to tell her mother of her unexpected pregnancy.
"Kelly was feeling a little pregangst at the dinner table, when her mom asked why she was throwing up and feeling blue for the past couple weeks."

"I am soo pregangst I have to do my presentation today."
by Personal_preference September 14, 2005

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