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Individuals who put a large amount of time into playing video games; this is what most people refer to as a "true gamer." Contrary to popular belief, hardcore gamers are not people who only play games with extreme violence and gore; hardcore gamers prefer to play games from different genres and franchises. They also feel that gameplay in a video game is the most important aspect of any game; as long as the game is fun (meaning difficulty and graphics don't matter), they will continue playing it. The complete opposite of a hardcore gamer is the "casual gamer."
Gamer 1: Welcome to the gamer's club, what do you play?

Gamer 2: I've been playing Call of Duty ever since it came out; they new one's going to be epic!

Gamer 1: Lol! Your a fucking casual, gtfo! How can you stand that shitty gameplay and those less than impressive graphics; never talk to us hardcore gamers ever again!
by Person12599 June 25, 2013
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