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A country in the middle east, though not considered arab. They are ruled by an islamic government of dickless people, and most iranians have unibrows and a really small desert army. They use outdated Chinese rifles and have the highest kidnapping and rape stats in the world.

Most irani's are muslims, and all have pet camels and magic carpets. The leading religion was gay and they got slaughtered so they ran away to india. The irani community also likes to wear veils and hump camels in their spare time. Many people die in the desert and all iranis have hairy legs (including women) THey also have HUGE noses and stretchy pussy that smells. Of the few iranian women who look good, they all used to have penises.

Most non-muslim irani's get their children raped by dickless muslims and their buisnesses shut down.

Iran is a smelly desert with an army of camel archers
Dude! Look at that irani with the toucan sam nose!!
I know thats hilarious i bet his sister has a smelly pussy and a long face!
by Perri2 January 14, 2006

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