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1) A character in the Star Wars Trilogie. Is the supreme evil guy who turns into a more evil guy when he puts his dark helmet on.

2) A webmaster of a dutch forum. Sometimes strict but also justified, is the bodyguard of PrincessVegeta. They say his banning is faster then his shadow. But sometimes he's even too nice for SOME people.
1) Luke, i am your darth father

2) Person 1: "Be careful, or Anakin may ban you"
*Person 2 has been banned*
Person 1: "Too late"
by Perfect_Balance August 17, 2005
A master of having hot air in his mind. Sometimes less then 10%, also highly dangerous when you see him. But when you know him, he is tollerable.
If someone is very full of him self. That's called a TNT
by Perfect_Balance August 17, 2005

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