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Stands for Boston University Tanglewood Institute, recognized internationally as the premiere summer training program for aspiring high school-age musicians and is the only program of its kind associated with one of the world’s great symphony orchestras.
Have you auditioned to BUTI this year?
by PerMusicalShnookie September 08, 2013
A big violin, invented in order to make violins feel like they're any good.
Violin 1: Hey dude, you know what's the difference between a viola and a vacuum cleaner?
Violin 2: I don't, what is it?
Violin 1: You have to turn the vacuum cleaner ON before it can SUCK
by PerMusicalShnookie August 13, 2015
A word in Arabic, that is also used in Hebrew and some other Semitic languages, meaning "stop it" or "enough".
Ahmed: Dad, how long 'til we get there?
Abu-Ahmed: Halas with your questions! Be quiet now.
by PerMusicalShnookie August 08, 2013

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