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Noun, - Refers to a fat Betch wearing Famous SAS gear, and her fat stomach stretches the F into a P, makin Pamous.
When you see that F on a fat chick and it looks like a P, you know she's Pamous.
by Pepheee January 26, 2007
To be completly worthless on a couch, bed, floor ect; unable to move ; drained of energy or effectiveness; extremely tired; completely exhausted due to the consumption/smoking of marijuana.
Mostly caused by the excessive use of fatty blunts, bong rips, fatty Joints ect.
That was a thick ass blunt, I can´t get up man. im COUCH'D

MEGA BLUNTS are usually guarnteed to get you COUCH'D
by Pepheee February 16, 2007
Pepheee is a substitute sound. This sound can be used in place of any word. Pepheee must be spelled with a minimum of 3 E's at the end. The more E's the longer the Pepheee. It kind of sounds like a filled balloon when you pinch the ends and spread the rubber making that quief kinda of noise.
1)Pass the PEPHEEE
translation- Pass the blunt
2) I was stunt'n the PEPHEEE when i was on the PEPHEEEEE and when 1 PEPHEEEE was in the air i passed a cop.
translation- I was stunt'n the BIKE when i was on the FREEWAY and when 1 WHEEL was in the air i passed a cop.
by Pepheee January 14, 2008

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