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To avoid lying by saying something true, yet unrelated to the question asked.
Girlfriend: Where the hell have you been all night?
Boyfriend: Gary asked me to stop by his place for a beer.
Girlfriend: Oh, well come to bed, I've missed you.

Boyfriend was not at Gary's house, having a beer. He was elsewhere, doing things he doesn't what girlfriend to know about. However, Gary did, in fact, ask Boyfriend to stop by his house for a beer. Boyfriend declined the invitation. Boyfriend did not lie.

Daughter: Where's daddy?
Mother: Do you remember his friend, Bob? He's the guy who digs for gems in the mountains.
Daughter: Oh yeah! I remember him. What's for supper?

Daddy was not at Bob's. Daddy was in jail. Mother Gary'd Daughter. Mother did not lie.
by PepRox January 22, 2011

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