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2 definitions by PenguinExX

This is a sexual act, much like the chili dog, that involves some 'teamwork', and a very generous partner.

Upon male ejaculation, either the male or the female...or hell, BOTH, may cup the semen in their hands, and then rub on, or jack off the male with it. The male may go about his business until the semen dries and 'crusts'.

The male then takes his limp wiener dog to partner and then has partner eat his newly made 'corn dog' whichever way they like, by mouthing it, picking off the crust, or by nibbling it piece by piece.
"Hey know how you always gag, because its warm and creamy? Well guess what..."


"You hungry? Cuz I can make up a mean corn dog LOADED with calcium and protein!"
by PenguinExX June 29, 2006
187 171

1. Nice Ass Ugly Face
Damn that chick is a NAUF!
by PenguinExX June 07, 2006
34 26