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Athom or Athem is another word for breath. compare to Dutch ''Adem'' and German ''Atem''. From the Anglo-saxon word ''Ǽðm'' Also ''to athom''
1. When he ran that race he was completely out of Athom.

2. He wasn't able to athom properly.

3. When he opened his mouth, a bad smell of rotten-athom stained my nostrils.
by Penga March 22, 2008
From the word glock it's someone who wields a firearm but isn't trained how to use it properly.
Damn those ballas are glockeys... we can take 'em with our hands tied on our backs!
by Penga March 22, 2008
Organization of the


An organization which started in the Netherlands against German ethnics and the aryan race. An upcoming quiet force which is about to practice their ideas. Ghallow.
Another major genocide in the German city of Düsseldorf, supposeably performed by the anti-ethnicGerman organization Ghallow.
by Penga March 22, 2008
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