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disgusting/putrid/over-ripe/mouldy etc
Scottish dialect (North East mostly), but has found it's way into wider British English
This sandwich is foostie!
by Penfold July 28, 2004
N 1. Hax0r; To hax0r ones boxen
N 2. Hax0r; To hate microsoft
<penfold> I bet I can count the linux zealots here.
<zepix> stfu bill gates, am hax j00
<erag> linux pwns !
<penfold> 2 zealots, 1 hax0r. Thank you for your time. Real hax0rs love anally raping your horrible security model =)
by penfold December 09, 2003
verb - to steal, often in a cheeky fashion
I chogged one of your beers...
by Penfold July 28, 2004

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