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A pejorative term referring to a woman whom is responsible for giving birth to two or more promiscuous daughters.
A guy says to his friend, "Hey man, see that bitch over there, I fucked two of her daughters, that whore is a real slut factory."
by PendanticHater August 20, 2008
A pejorative term for a woman that dresses in business attire such as pants/skirt suits, attempting to present herself as an important member of the business community or society at large.
She tends to always be in a hurry, on a cellphone and has more meetings than hours in the day. (or at least she thinks she does)
Situation where business slut can be used.

Guy says to his buddy, "Hey man do you see that intense bitch on the phone, outside the convention center?" Buddy replies, "Ya, so what?"
Guy reiterates, "That my friend, is a bona fide Business Slut."

by PendanticHater August 20, 2008

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