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Mostly known from the hit Final Fantasy 6 parody Awful Fantasy 3, Man Train is a homosexual orgy of stregically placing men in a straight line and performing anal sex with the man directly in front of you, whilst recieving it from behind. Unless you're the caboose, which just might be one of the only two spots on the train that recieve the least please. The other being the front "Engine."
Glenn: I heard on the news there was a..man train?
Art: Yep, I was second from the caboose.
by Pen^2 April 29, 2005
A word without any definite origin, but usually can be assumed to mean "Oh My God What the Fuck Be Back Quick."
Glenn: I think your mother is laying face down in a ditch somewhere.
by Pen^2 April 29, 2005

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