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A Dutch Mentalist, who resides in the East London. Instantly recognisable from a strange tic, which involves the placement of his right hand to his forehead at 30 second intervals. Hobbies include making guys happy, and being a muse for hard drinking poets.
"I am Joost, it rhymes with Toast"
"I must go home and make a guy happy"
"I think you are making a pause out of what I am saying"
by Peldon March 25, 2004
Definitely a bottom, never a top. The S&M worlds whipping boy. More welts on his behind than a habitually naughty Etonian school boy. An ex-cozzer.
Six of the best please, sir. Ouch, thank you may I have another.
by Peldon April 05, 2004
Noble upstanding citizens of East London, NOT South, NOT West, and definitely NOT North Londoners, they're all a bunch of arseholes. So get it right you Northern Monkeys, Cockneys are from East London. Now get on and dig for coal or whatever it is you lot do for a living (walk to the dole office more than likely).
Cockneys = The best people in England.
by Peldon March 15, 2004
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