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Sophmoric term used by PC Nerds and IT geeks who feel threatened by the simplicity and sophisticated industrial design of products created by Apple Computer.
The term "Macintrash" itself is a byproduct of the insular lifestyle that the socially inept computer nerd lives; Who never had any real friends to talk with and thus only speaks the kind of adolescent jargon encountered on geeky online bulletin boards.
That Macintrash/crapintosh paperweight is for litle sissy girls. ROLF.LMAO.
Crapple sure makes some whack-ass confusers yo. That icrap is igay dude. ROLF.
DeLl rUleS 4EvuH--miCRosOFt iN Duh hOUsE bRo!!!!: o:)
#macintrash #crapintosh #crapple #it #nerd
by PeeCee Usin' fool October 26, 2006
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