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1 definition by Ped

An emo kid is someone who, because of his or her poor self-image, feels the need to segregate himself from the bulk of the society. By presenting a ridiculously exaggerated appearance of individuality, the emo kid bolsters his ego-centricity, thereby masking a sense of alienation behind the mirage-like appearance of self-solidarity.

Emo kids, who are sometimes referred to as "whining children", derive their sense of identity against that which is outside the narrow "emo" canon of thinking. They are often viewed as pests by those with a sense of self-confidence.

Identifying characteristics include badly written poetry, the perception of talent where no such talent exists, be it in self or admired "artists", a style of dress that reflects the ill-sophistication of a parrot's hierarchy, and a general lack of awareness as to how the world really works and how things actually are. Generally speaking, emo kids understand the world by comparing it to a childishly unrealistic system of ideals.
Emo kid (unisex): "Once I took 8 Tylenol and slit my wrists sideways. My parents took me to the hospital in their BMW* and the doctors sent me to a psychiatrist, but I don't take the pills he gave me because I hate the pharmaceutical industry, it's so corrupt and evil. Lets go down to Cafe Bean and write haiku on our laptops."

* The VW Jetta is also quite common in this scenario.
by Ped March 29, 2006