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(v.) The act of a person's belly, sides, and back fat overflowing the boundary of his or her belt in the way a baking muffin expands out of it's cup. First used by Scott Adams (author of "Dilbert" cartoons).
Once we were on the subway,... my wife sat next to a guy who eventually fell asleep and slumped on her. I picked a guy who was muffin-topping into my seat and listening to an iPod. We felt blessed with our choices.
by PeckComm November 08, 2007
The art form first used to great effect by Socrates and leading to his death, this invention of Scott Adams (author of "Dilbert" comics) is the art of
"asking humorously provocative questions that are designed to make your dogmatic friends (turn into a) showcase of dancing monkeys...It’s evil, but it’s fun. I call it philosotainment."
"I told a dirty joke at the party, and Alice got all sanctimonious on me. So I asked her 'if she's such a good Christian, shouldn't she forgive me?'"

Oh, so -that's- what made her trash the living room!"

Yep: that was some good philosotainment, there."
by PeckComm November 08, 2007

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