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n. Neo-geek terminology for visiting the bathroom, especially when interrupting a meeting/gathering/workflow.
v. performing bodily functions
Where's Jones? I need him in here now!
Oh, he's on bio break, but I'll send him right in.
by Peanutgnome October 18, 2005
To suffer a major catastrophe, dilemma, or problematic person just minutes before you have to leave or your shift is over.
Named after the "hero" in the TV series 24 who suffers a cliff-hanging moment every hour, on the hour.
Dave: You were supposed to be here an hour ago!
Bob: Sorry, I was Jack Bauered - the whole network went down two minutes before my shift ended.
by Peanutgnome January 23, 2007
Tourists who come to your town for a specific event/festival and pollute your city, crowd your bar, drink your beer, pick up your women, and roll your bums.
Damn, I can't wait until JazzFest is over, I can't even get into my local pub 'cause of those damn Tourorists!
by peanutgnome July 05, 2007

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