2 definitions by PeachieSoKeen

The plastic, $10 handles of vodka Trader Joe's sells, mainly to broke college students and alcoholics. Ingesting will lead to hangovers not for the faint of heart.
My parents thought they'd be smart and give me Trader Joe's gift cards so I could only buy food with the money instead of booze and weed - too bad they didn't think of Vodka of the Gods! ...now I just need to find someone who'll accept microwavable meals in exchange for ganja....
by PeachieSoKeen June 04, 2011
The act of realizing some deed or idea will result in an unfortunate outcome, but going along with said deed or idea anyway.
In pre-retrospect, buying a shit ton of cheap vodka instead of beer was a bad idea.
by PeachieSoKeen June 04, 2011

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