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A chickenhawk that passionately supports military, economic, and "humanitarian" interventions while passionately opposing torture.
"Torture is bad and should not be tolerated because it poisons culture but militarism doesn't poison culture. We need to stay in Afghanistan forever to fix things, teach women sex ed, and bomb wedding parties in order to bring freedom and stifle bad guys, just as long as we don't torture anyone!" - Typical Torture Rooster Rhetoric.
by Peaceful_Idiot July 01, 2010
Someone who is really smart but lacks wisdom.
He is a rare species of brain fish, floating around his bowl thinking about important theories but he'll never able to actually apply any of it.
by Peaceful_Idiot April 08, 2011
The bigoted and/or racist children of racists and bigots.
The reactionary preacher and his wife had a herd of little biglets to help spread the hate.
by Peaceful_Idiot February 24, 2011

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