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The candid way to celebrate the circumcision of a newborn baby child in the Romanian culture. Celebrations often include traditional Romanian dancing and waving the fresh foreskin.
After Pavløv's circumcision, the family skitterfucked to the Monster Mash.

Immediately following Påvell's circumcision, his family skitterfucked to the Can't Touch This by M.C. Hammer.
by Pavløv October 07, 2011
Similar to the British' "Cheers!" or the African-American's "Word", ghettorouse means whatever you want it to mean. Also can be used as a adjective.
That kids hair cut is ghettorouse.
A kid walks by with a fucked up foot, you look at him and say, "Ghettorouse".
by Pavløv October 07, 2011

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