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Short for amyl nitrates, a type of alkyl nitrate.

These are commonly known as poppers, ram, thrust, rock hard, kix and TNT.

When sniffed they provide a short-lasting head rush, similar to that of cocaine, but which is often accompanied by the feeling that your head is being compressed from all directions.

It has also been said that they make orgasms feel like they last longer and also that they may help to relax anal muscles for use in homosexual male sex, although the latter of these is usually rejected as myth.

Poppers are not addictive, and can be bought legally as room aromas in many different brands in clubs, sex shops and smoking shops from the age of 18. They range in price from £2 - £5 per bottle.
Person 1: Dude, I'm gonna go buy me some amyls
Person 2: Great! Get me a bottle!
by Paultastic August 15, 2007
Stuff for Stuff

Quick way to gain popularity and friends on myspace.

It basically means that any comments, messages or pic comments that you leave this person will be returned with the same number of comments, messages or pic comments to you.

This also applies to whoring (see w4w) and spamming, where the idea is to keep clicking "Submit Comment" repeatedly so that your comment is sent hundreds of times - this makes it look like the other person is more popular than they really are.

Kinda pathetic, isn't it.
(Usually posted in a bulletin)
s4s!! i have 7.2k friends!! s4s and your friend count will double!!!
by Paultastic April 26, 2007

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