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Kind of like texting, you know, with your phone; taxting is the text conversations I usually have with girls where it is very 'taxing' for them to respond to me.

Taxting occours most often between two people who are very busy, and have trouble paying attention to their phones.

Taxting can also occur on one side of the conversation, where one person is busy and the other one isn't.
Thought: "I'm so busy, I'm sick of taxting back Jonathan..."
by Paulexander November 18, 2010
The opposite of 'one-upping' someone.
Also called 'one-downing'.

Generally used to troll someone; confuse them, or make them upset. Sometimes the victim doesn't even notice.

A form of comedy potentially even more lame than puns.
No wait, it is.
John: It's raining really hard outside today!
Cathy: Yeah it's kindda drizzling...
John: Aw, I hate one-downzies!
Cathy: One-downzies bothers me too...

Patrick: Life is good!
Lizzy: Life is okay.

Brad: I really hate Mike!
Taryn: Yeah Mike is kind of a jerk...

Chase: Taco Bell's meat is absolutely disgusting.
Meagan: Their meat is sort of low quality.
by Paulexander November 22, 2010
-Facial Hair.
-A long time, or a very far distance.
-A large amount of something.
-An exaggerated measurable estimation.

Informal language.
Usually used incorrectly and ridiculously at the wrong time, and too often.

Something tedious and time consuming might waste beards of your energy, or waste beards of your time.

Origin: The amount of time it takes a man to grow a decent beard is not quick, and a decent beard is at least down to the belt buckle.

Other forms:
v. beard-ificate(d),
-"Man you were in the bathroom for like twelve beards..."

-"Wow, you're really good at skipping stones! That last one went a beard out into the lake."

-"Johnny, did you take the trash out yet!?"
"Yeah mom! I took the trash out like one hundred beards-ago."

-"You ran that beard of a triathlon so fast! You got first place!"

-"Dude wanna go play beards and barbers at the park with Jack, Lizzy, and the gang?"
"Yeah but I can't, my teacher beard-ificated the amount of homework I had by nearly three beards-worth! I won't be done till like beard o'clock in the morning."

-"I just cut down a beards-worth of trees in my backyard, now the squirrels have no place to live."

-"Did you hear? Jackie's grandma died..."
"Oh yeah, I heard about that beards-ago dude..."
"But she only died yesturday..."
"I know."

-"You suck at Halo 2! Go grow a beard, noob!"
by Paulexander June 10, 2010

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