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you would use this saying when something is really bad. Like bad bad or smells bad.
Example one: Girl: I was going to go out with my friend tonight, but she canceled.
Girl 2: Isnt that just shit of a thousand horses. Example two: Guy: Oh my god did you smell that guys cologne!!!! Guy 2: Yes it smelt like shit from a thousand horses!!!
by Paula Genosick July 10, 2008
when you want a food or like a food so much that you gasp and moan. it is so pleasurable for you to hear see or eat this food.
Guy 1- Lets go to burgerking and get a milkshake
Girl- Gasp moan
Guy 2- Yes that sounds good, and she just mouth orgasamed so lets go!
by Paula Genosick July 10, 2008
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