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shitcunt term of affection and/or term of anger to a fellow.
'Oi, shitcunt!!! Hows trix?' - affection

'I'll fuckin kill you and yer dirty shitcunt family!!! I'll blow you all up!!!' - anger
by paulw December 03, 2003
A low grade synthetic material used in the manufacture of substandard office equipment such as diaries. A favourite of home shopping channels, usually accompanied with the aside "why fork out for real leather" or "it's man made, so you know its quality"

The word "leatherette" can replace all parent nouns, to become tbe body of a sentance "stick it in the diary" is replaced by "stick it in the leatherette"
#synthetic #cheap #leather-like #leather #vinyl
by PaulW February 28, 2006
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