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1 definition by PaulSmallSmith

Source of amusement online. Is also a popular member of the online phenomenon 'Find the Vegan'.
Will get red in the face if comments are made about:
-Animals being slaughtered
-Being insulted for being Vegan
-Being mentioned for being Vegan

Can be found on forums and websites such as Tumblr.
You will know someone is a Vegan when they try to tell you about it.

Identifiable features include:
-Posting about Animal Cruelty
-Posting about being Vegan
-Posting about how Non-Vegans must be worshipers of Satan
-Posting fake stories about processing meat meant to convert people.

Examples include:
Person 1: How do you find a Vegan at a party? They'll let you know.
Person 2: Excuse Me... So Not True...
Person 1: How do you find a Vegan on Facebook?

Person 1: How do you find a Vegan? They'll let you know.
Person 2: How do you find a Meat-Eater at a party? Don't worry, they'll be everywhere, BBQing dead animals and stuffing them in their mouths and saying 'OMG Vegans are so Preachy'
Person 3: I found the Vegan

Person 1: Science Experiment: Who is easiest to summon?
John Green?
A Vegan?
The only way to find out is to reblog and wait...
Person 2: f**k you vegans aren't your source of entertainment you animal killers.
by PaulSmallSmith June 28, 2013
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