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3 definitions by Paul Shulver

The act of something so overwhelmingly amazing happen to you that you could not hope to possibly beat it and so therefore commiting suicide to end on a high note.
Did you hear about Jim the Other night?
He committed rarsenide because he had such a good time!
by Paul Shulver December 10, 2007
3 2
Dave Ives Church Worship Band
Dave ives band are propper rarsta clarts they are so cool
by Paul Shulver July 17, 2004
1 12
Jack Bauer from 24 - tv show on Fox tuesdays 8pm/9c and on Sky 1 on Thursdays 9pm
Jack bauer is a propper ras clart - he is the man/daddy/wonderful/amazing
by Paul Shulver July 16, 2004
47 192