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Two hours of rubber nipples.
Dude! Did you see that S&M film last night? It was like watching Batman And Robin all over again!
by Paul Newman February 08, 2004
It's paper. On the walls. Do you really need a definition for this?
My house has Mickey Mouse wallpaper. Got a problem wit' dat?
by Paul Newman February 07, 2004
The better half of the Morris Hills Regional District
Morris Hills= tons of drugs, ghetto white boys and girls, horrible hockey, football and swimming team, Ugly girls, bad teachers, horrible food.

Morris Knolls= AWESOME hockey team, great swimming team, very good baseball team, pretty good football team(better than hills), good food most of the time, bigger school, hot senior girls, good athletes, good football and baseball fields and you know the rest if you go to MK.

Hills--> Dog Food
Knolls--> Prime Rib
by Paul Newman April 08, 2005
The most badass, hardcore, motherfucking squirrel you'll ever know. He drinks. He urinates. He vomits. He's everything you'd ever want in a mammal.
My name is Conker. Insert movie parody here.
by Paul Newman February 08, 2004

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