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The action of stating an internet-born acronym conversationally, rather than in a text based format.
Uses of lolapropisms:
"Totes Lolapropes: I see what you did there."
"'Oh, Em, Gee'. On instagram they look amaze, but filters don't work 'I Are Ell'. 'Lawl'! 'Gee Tee Eff Oh'!?"
"At first I 'Rof-l`d', then I lol'd, but then I was all 'Wuh Tuh F'uh'!"
"Tumblr is a bit ... 'I Dee Kay'... There's like eleventy pictures of cats and the rest is porn 'Tee Bee H"
by Paul L`astname May 24, 2013
A fictional number used to describe an immense amount or the result of a cat walking across the numbers of a keyboard.
"There's like eleventy of everything at Costco"
by Paul L`astname May 24, 2013
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