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the black wall street was started by the game for the social development of west compton
yo im all for black wall street
by paul March 24, 2005
What romans evolved into
fiat, pasta, olive oil
by paul December 27, 2003
A term given to Marines by the Germans in WWI at the Battle of Beleau Wood in France. During the battle, the Marines charged into the German trenches through mustard gas (which made their eyes red), and faught with such ferocity that the dying Germans called them devil dogs. The term is still used today between Marines as a motivational nickname.
"Semper Fi, devil dog!"

"Hey there devil dog, you keep shooting like that and there won't be any enemy for the rest of us."
by Paul June 19, 2006
A member of the ARMY.
Marines, sailors, and airmen, are NOT soldiers.
by Paul June 19, 2006
most amazing video game ever created, good graphics, incredible story-line and amazing gameplay.
JC Denton owns all your asses
by paul April 01, 2004
something that is crap
That polar-necked knitted pink sweater is gash
by Paul December 04, 2003
dirty rat, rat, taddle tale, snitch,
50 cent is a stool pigeon. he snitched on Hova.
by paul January 26, 2004

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